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Consider a career in construction

With over 70 careers to choose from...

Did you know the construction industry is one of the most positive and progressive career choices around today? Take a look at the ever-changing skyline in Newham and London to see the sheer scale of the industry.

The construction industry is a vital part of our society. From roads & bridges to houses, apartments and skyscrapers, the built environment is full of exciting and inspiring careers, that can influence the way we all live and work every day.

With over 70 different careers available, each one offering its own exciting and dynamic challenge, construction is a really diverse place to build a career, with high salaries, great rewards and career progression. Where you can see the outcome of your endeavours as your projects .develop. With more men and women from diverse backgrounds, the industry is constantly changing, with careers from architects to surveyors to planners and estimators, as well as more traditional trades.

Construction remains a positive career choice for everyone, with great rewards, and great career progression. Where you can see the outcome of your endeavours as your projects develop. Want to learn more about getting into Construction? There are a number of ways to get into the industry, including placements, internships, apprenticeships, and routes through college and university.

There are great opportunities for young people. We have listed a few great starting points where you can get more information about why the industry is worth looking at.

Why consider a career in Construction?

  • In the next five years, over 225,000 construction jobs in the UK are expected to be created.
  • The UK construction industry is renowned for the high standards expected from both its workers and its employers.
  • The industry also offers excellent working conditions and salaries for all workers, regardless of level within the industry. 
  • The old stereotype of construction being a ‘man’s job’ is starting to disappear as more and more women are choosing a long term, successful career in construction. 
  • With more than 70 careers to choose from, there's something for everyone. Find out more here (opens an external link).

Diversity in Construction

Whatever background you are from, there is a place for you in the construction industry. A diverse workforce brings benefits for both the employee and employer. Find out about how the construction industry is embracing equality, diversity and inclusion.

You can find out more about diversity in the industry here (opens an external link).

Women In Construction : Emma Eady, Senior Design Manager

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