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What's our link to Newham Council; What are our houses like; Do we sell or rent homes?
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About Populo

What’s the link between Populo and Newham Council?

Populo is Newham’s housing company and we’re wholly owned by Newham Council. Our role is to help tackle the shortage of affordable homes in the borough.

What’s the difference between Populo Homes and Populo Living?

Populo Living is a private rental sector (PRS) company. We let homes on the open market. Populo Homes is a registered provider of affordable housing – with homes let at London Affordable Rents to those on the Newham housing waiting list, in accordance with the Council’s nominations policy. Both share the same values and quality of service.

Who are Populo’s shareholders?

We have one shareholder: Newham Council. That means that any profit made by the Populo Living group is returned to the Council, so it can be reinvested into providing more homes for Newham residents.

Are you a registered social housing provider?

Yes, Populo Homes – part of the Populo Living group – is a registered social housing provider. Find out more about Populo Homes

How many homes are you building?

Currently, we’re building over 600 new homes across Newham – and we want to increase that rate. Our aim is to build more than 7,000 new homes by 2040.

Are you involved in the Carpenters Estate restoration?

Yes, we are leading the programme, working with a wide range of partners and suppliers. You can see the latest progress at https://thecarpentersestate.commonplace.is/

Are Populo’s homes sustainable?

We aim to make all our new homes energy-efficient, use sustainable materials and follow sustainable construction practices. Our homes typically meet or exceed the latest environmental best practice and we aim to be carbon-neutral by 2030. Read more about our approach to design and sustainability.

Living in our homes

How do I apply to rent one of your homes?

That depends. If you’re looking for an open market home, you can contact us to find out what’s available, or keep your eyes open on major letting websites. If you’re seeking an affordable rent home, you should register with Newham Council.

Do you have homes for sale?

Yes, some of our homes are offered for sale under a shared ownership scheme. Shared ownership means that instead of buying the home outright, you buy a share – typically 50% but in some instances as low as 25% - with Populo owning the rest. That generally means you need a lower deposit and smaller mortgage to buy your home. You then have to pay a monthly rent on the amount you don’t own. When you’re ready to move on, you can sell your share. See our homes available for shared ownership.

How can I register my interest for the next development?

If you’ve seen a development you’re interested in, please contact us to get more information about the homes and when they will be available.

How long are your tenancies?

That depends on your situation. We don’t have a single standard approach. To discuss your requirements, please get in touch with us.

Can I see a tenancy agreement?

We don’t have a single standard tenancy agreement. However, we’re happy to share with you a draft agreement well before we ask you sign anything. Please get in touch with us.

How fast do you fix faults?

That depends on the fault. We promise that we will reply to any requests for repairs or maintenance within one working day – and if we can’t solve it immediately, we’ll give you a realistic schedule.

Complaints and fees

What are your fees?

You can see all our fees online. Go to the tenant information page

How do I complain about Populo?

You can read our complaints procedures on the tenant information page.

Working with us

How can I become a supplier to Populo?

We work with a large number of suppliers and partners that share our values. To find out more about becoming a supplier, please visit our Working with Populo page.