We build with sustainability in mind

We design homes to make the most effective use of natural resources

Design & Sustainability

All the homes we build are designed with sustainability in mind. We make use of low-carbon building materials, design homes to make the most effective use of natural resources and follow sustainable construction practices.

In your home, this means:

Smart insulation

We ensure homes are extremely well-insulated, to make the most of your heating. That means lower heating bills and a lower carbon footprint. The approach we take also ensures homes don’t get too hot in the summer, with ventilation and cooling built in.

More light

Our homes are bright and full of natural light. It’s not just better for the planet; it’s better for the soul. As well as large windows, buildings are laid out to make the most of the sunlight. Lots of our homes are double or triple aspect.

More space, indoors and out

We’re committed to building homes that offer more space than required by the London Housing Design Guide standards and we ensure that our homes are sensibly designed so that the space is usable. In practice, that means open plan living areas, generously sized bedrooms and thoughtful built-in storage. The majority of our homes have private outdoor space too.

Green sources of energy

Where possible, we use greener sources of energy on site, like solar panels and air source heat pumps. We also support water recycling.

Looking after older buildings

Some of our most popular homes are in heritage buildings that we’ve updated for 21st century living. Where we can, we restore the exterior – and interior features – to give homes a unique character. Take a look at the Nelson Street Cottages, Old Fire Station or Town Hall Annexe to see examples of our work.

We ask all design and construction partners to help us be more sustainable – and encourage them to bring new ideas to their work.